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Wonderful Leader
Working with Rachel the past two years has been an incredible ride! Her kind-hearted spirit and passion for the community is inspiring. She is a goal crusher and wonderful leader who many look up to and I am extremely pleased with the success of NamasDEY
Madison F.
Partnership Activation Coordinator
Cincinnati Bengals

ROI- Far Exceeds What We Pay
From a very practical point of view, the return on our investment both individually and organizationally from our classes with Rachel far exceeds what we pay for these sessions. Yoga is a core aspect of our wellness offering at Kao. Simply put, the world, and specifically our community, is a better place because Rachel is in it, and any organization or individual can't help but be better for their partnership, practice, or affiliation with her or her studios.
Kao - Senior Director, Organizational Development and Effectiveness -Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa / Wellness Committee Executive Sponsor

Infectiously Positive
Rachel can light up any room. She is so full of energy and has an infectious, positive, can-do attitude. She was truly phenomenal to partner with for the Cincinnati Reds Sliding into Om yoga event, and I highly recommend working with her professionally and for community outreach.
She is fantastic!
Katie D.
Manager of Special Events Sales and Marketing
Cincinnati Reds

Reignite Your Flame!
If you need inspiration in your life, If you need a spark to reignite your flame, If you need someone to remind you why it feels so good be present in the first place, If you need someone to tell you that you are unique and needed, then you come see THIS WOMAN and she will give it to you.
Sarah C.
Ultra-Marathon Runner

Lay the Groundwork for Self-Betterment
In addition to being a wellness and spiritual resource her business savvy nature has served me personally along my professional journey. She has a genuine interest and investment in the well-being of those around her. My time with Rachel has helped me in laying the groundwork for self-betterment and set a strong foundation to stand on while assessing and managing my business practices.
Kate H.
Account Manager
Brandimage . Cincinnati, Ohio

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